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Let's Do Something Different in Washington


As your congressman, I will fight the complacency of Washington to reinvigorate America. Together we can accomplish real change for our economy, criminal justice system, and sense of unity as Americans. 


Unrigging the System

It is our most vulnerable who suffer the most under a rigged system that is determined to price them out of necessities for the sake of greed and the benefit of the elite.  Between sustained inflation, rampantly increasing housing costs, and high healthcare costs, it is no wonder why many Americans are not only struggling to make ends meet, but losing hope of the American dream entirely. As your congressman, I will be a leader in leveling the playing field by lowering taxes, stopping excessive government spending driving the inflation spike, simplifying our healthcare system to reduce costs, and finding ways to make housing affordable for all.

Sensible American Sustainability

America must continue to work at fighting climate change while rejecting the fearmongering rhetoric that is sabotaging the real work of environmental preservation, and is making high living standards unaffordable as a consequence. We must continue responsible development that expands America's economy while letting the market innovate ways of producing and consuming more efficiently.


Working Towards Justice

Countless innocents are deprived of education, financial stability, family, and a chance at life due to crime. Crime is on the rise, and it is an injustice to American citizens that our representatives are sitting by. As your congressman, I will be a voice to mend the frayed relationships between our communities and our law enforcement, ensuring we are all working towards the same goal of safe cities that allow us to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A Secure America at Home & Abroad

America is special because it is able to provide world class opportunity to its residents. When countless homeless, elderly, single moms, and kids are in need of a helping hand to enjoy that opportunity, our federal government has been dumping trillions into failed foreign wars instead. We need to remind ourselves as a nation that we are called to take care of each other first. When our troops are back home protecting America, and when we know that fellow Americans have each others' backs, America is stronger at home and abroad.

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